Monday, January 21, 2008

The start of something ...

OK- so I keep procrastinating about when I am going to start this blog .... So many excuses:

"I want to start my story perfectly.... I want to tell the whole story.... I want to have TIME to actually write"

Well, what I forgot to think about during this whole process is that this is a CHRONICLE, so it doesn't need to be a perfectly strung together story. Also, I should have gone by the golden rule of just 'doing it' and starting my story even if I am well on my way. Always time to catch up - but ALWAYS hard to get started.

So here it is- with no real fanfare or adieu: my locavore chronicles. I am just a normal person who one day decided that local is better and that I was going to scrutinize what and how all of my food gets into my and my family's bodies. If you can't prounounce it, you must denounce it! (David, my husband, just came up with that one!)


Anonymous said...

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