Monday, March 24, 2008

The facts about buying local.

From A Tale of two Tomatoes:

"Keeping Dollars at Home. Buying from local growers pays off big for our region. One study shows that each dollar spent with a local grower is worth $2.50 for our community. The food industry is consolidating at an alarming rate. The top companies producing meats, grains, and other staples now enjoy virtual control over the markets for their products. It's gotten to the point where much of our nourishment depends on a handful of giants. And they're shipping foods an average of 1500 miles while being handled by a multitude of hands to reach your plate, a practice that strains anyone's notion of fresh. "

Check out the full article where you can follow the path of a local and a 'traveling tomato'. You decide which you want on your salad!