Monday, March 31, 2008

For the hate of PEAT MOSS.

So just a rant and rave about why I hate PEAT MOSS. I used this 'stuff' (decayed, compacted Sphagnum moss has the name of peat moss. Peat moss can be used as a soil additive which increases the soil's capacity to hold water.) to build my lasagna garden beds, as well as grow my seedlings. So good stuff, but what I DIDN'T KNOW was that it is a pain in the arse to use! To sum it up:
  • When used on my large garden beds it formed a 'crust' that absorbed all the water on top and did not let a SINGLE drop of water below. After not seeing my pea plants for over two weeks, I scratched the surface and not only was it bone dry, but my seeds were in the same state as when I planted them! Even after numerous waterings/rainstorms.
  • SAME thing for my seedlings indoors. The seeds were able to sprout on the crust of the peat moss, but once their roots ventured below, they found a desert! No wonder they were all looking abit unhappy. (note I used a mix of peat moss and potting soil)
So moral of this story, and a lesson learned for next year - for the love of gardening- NO MORE PEAT! If any of you choose to use it, be prepared to be covered with its dust and make sure you soak it for a LONG time before use. GOOD LUCK!


freespiritfarm said...

When I use peat moss, I mix it with gypsum! I haven't had the problem with getting water past the peat moss "crust" because the gypsum seems to break it up just enough to keep everything coming in (and going out)! Hope this helps!