Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Simple Things.

So I like to think that my locavore journey has made me appreciate the simple things, and respect the complexity of the food cycle. Simply stated-

A few of my favorite things:

non-packaged veggies (if you get them fresh, no time for packaging!); food gardening; sunday morning breakfasts; self-reliance; watching my son's curiosity about my garden; Farmer's Markets; Community Supported Agriculture (CSA); non-chain restaurants; people who care about the food they serve; seasonally inspired meals; the smell of soil; the color of newly sprouted seeds; grass fed beef; the yolk color of pasture raised eggs; fresh made ricotta; ingredient lists that I can pronounce; ingredient lists that are legible and pronouncable; chatting with neighbors; finding a new plant in my yard that I hadn't seen before; spring peepers; composts; feeling in control of my food choices; making smart food choices; my milkman; my friends who like to talk about food with me

A few of the things I care to do without:

Sitting in traffic; eating at chain restaurants; strawberries in January (it just isn't right); ultra pasturized milk; cheese 'products' (not real cheese); bleached and fortified flour; people that don't appreciate the time it takes to create/produce good food; labels that 'scream' how healthy they are; Government officials telling me what I should and should not eat; commercial animal facilities; people who don't know that they have a CHOICE about the food they eat; food that doesn't go bad for ages (due to all of the fillers and food preservatives used)

Point is, we all have some control over what we eat, and what makes us happy.


Leslie said...

Hi, I just read through your blog and wanted you to know that I enjoyed it very much, and have added it to the list of local eating blogs that I have on my own locavore-related blog. You seem to be on a fairly parallel path as mine - just getting started, doing what you can, and excited about figuring out what you really can do. You even made the same garden plans as I did -- plant for winter eating, and use the CSA and other resources for summer/fall produce.

I'm glad I found this!