Friday, July 18, 2008

Food Prayer

"Here is a food Prayer that Rudolf Steiner created. This prayer addresses the soul which sprouts within as do the plants outside which provide our nourishment. It points to the relationship of the germinating, sprouting, ripening of this earth food with the soul-spiritual sprouting and ripening process.

In the darkness of the earth the seed is awakened.

In the power of the air the leaves are quickened.

In the might of the sun the fruit is ripened.

Thus in the shrine of the heart the soul is awakened.

In the light of the world the spirit is quickened.

In the glory of God man's power is ripened.

Rudolf Steiner allegedly said once that through these words, if spoke in the propoer manner, a health-giving element will affect man down into his digestive processes" (Gerhard Schmidt, Dynamics of Nutrition)