Friday, February 20, 2009

Musings about winter.....

So just as my garden went to rest, so did my Locavore musings..... I guess I got caught up in enjoying all of my work from the growing season and just resting (and eating!)! But of course, being a locavore doesn't end just because the growing season does. So for this winter, here are the ways I tried to be local. Note it is VERY hard to be 100%, but we all do what we can:

  • Local free range eggs- this is one thing I really can't do without. Now that I am in love with those dark yolks, it is hard for me to like the store eggs. There are a few local vendors, and a small market that has many local eggs sellers.
  • Winter's Farmers Market- my town just started this. I have been really impressed with the selection - ostrich, beef, pastries, apples, and yummy German sausage's from Lothar! He is an artisan butcher and his brats are the best! The market is operated by Thus far I am very impressed!
  • Beef- I purchased 1/2 a cow earlier this season and I am barely denting my stash!
  • Veggies- Honestly I love my canned tomatoes, but my frozen veggies aren't impressing me much. Maybe I just hit a bag batch- but my beans just weren't the same blanched and frozen. I have been impressed with my dehydrated supply-- lots of yummy things to be done with dehydrated carrots, beets, squash etc. I do love the local hydroponic lettuce from endless harvest- sometimes you just need something fresh and green!
  • More veggies- So beyond what I saved from my garden, I tried and was successful with 1) growing my own Shitake mushrooms, they make the best omlets! 2) sprouting greens, great for using in green smoothies 3) my winter greens which lasted a good long time. My Kale is still holding on, even with the temp in the teens 4) my indoor garden....slow...but providig greens for smoothies and soups.

So overall - still lots of good thing local. I think the hardest thing is fruit. Sometimes you just want to feast on fruit and if you want to be local -- it isn't really feasible. Around here we have a good source of apples- but I must admit I have purchased some oranges, grapefruit, and pineapple from the store.

So the point- do the best you can! Be vocal, eat, think, and buy local!