Thursday, March 20, 2008

Seeds, glorious seeds!

It is still cold outside, but my seeds are cozy inside. Here is my 'ghetto' seed starting arrangement.

As you see, I have reused all of those plastic clamshells that you get when you get take-out lunch, or buy lettuce at the store, or even that plastic container when you get rotissiere chicken. They have all been put to good use to start my herbs, flowers, and veggies. After I get the soil ready, all seeds and their containers get to sit on the heating pad for a night to 'jump start' them into sprouting. Then they just get to be lazy and grow.

Thus far I have artichokes, cucumbers, squash, star of veld, chamomile, parsley, catnip, basil, petunias, onions, micro tom tomatoe, peppers, bunny tails, bee balm, and midnight candy growing. What fun! Today the onion sets, spinach, and peas go in OUTSIDE, let the growing begin!