Friday, October 30, 2009

Invest in yourself- Grow your own fruit and berries!

So last year I invested in my family and I bought 4 fruit trees (2 apple, 1 nectarine, 1 pear) and 18 berry plants.  I knew that the payback would take some time, but I felt it was worth the wait.  Well now it has been one year since I planted these jewels, and I already got payback!  The heritage raspberries came as living 'sticks'- but are now branching and growing and I got two harvests from them.  It was such a surprise to see so much fruit on these plants that were literally sticks when they arrived.  My son who is three LOVES going out to pick berries and it is such a rewarding feeling to have fresh fruit right outside my door. 

The message: Consider investing in some fruit and berry plants this year.  Even if you don't have alot of room, there are new dwarf varieties that either grow in pots or only grow 6 feet in height. They also have disease resistent varieties that will assist in process of having 'organic' fruit free of pesticides.  NOTE: planting in the fall or early spring are the ideal times to do it NOW or wait until February/March depending on where you live (the operators at Stark Bros are VERY helpful)

I like ordering from Stark Brothers- they have a great variety and the plants are very healthy.  I even got a pear tree that has two varieties growing in one tree (they are grafted).  This means I don't need to buy two trees to pollinate one another, I have two varieties growing on one tree that pollinate one another! (note the catalog tells you if you need another tree to pollinate so you get fruit).


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