Monday, October 5, 2009

Silence is going to end....

So my silence is ending and I am back in the saddle.....  Lots has been hapening in my life and I have had to direct my attention elsewhere :)

So I wanted to share a new site that is very interesting, it is called VEGGIE, the concept is to join people in local areas to swap/trade/buy excess veggie and fruit that they have.  Here is what they write about themselves:
"A very juicy lemon tree in our neighborhood that rarely got picked. The lonely lemons inspired us: how could we keep all the excess food people grow from going to waste?

Veggie Trader is our pilot effort to see if we can help more families eat well, make the most of the environment, and put more backyards to work for the benefit of neighbors, community and country.

We think knowing where your food comes from and supporting your local economy are more important these days than ever. And saving money (or making a little extra) doesn't hurt either"

Great concept.... I will have to see if anyone wants any of my Swiss Chard!