Sunday, January 31, 2010

Closing the Local Food Gap

So I wanted to talk about one of the biggest road-blocks to being a LOCAVORE if you live in a 4 season area- WINTER!  Even if you preserve alot of your summer harvest, the winter time lacks the fresh vegetables that we all love.  One winter I tried not to eat veggies that weren't local and spinach and hydroponic lettuce were my only options.  This year two local farmers are attempting to break this trend by offering some interesting food options:
  • Second Spring Farm (  is growing cold weather veggies and offering weekly pickups. The Pok Choi , Kale, and Tatsoi have been so delicious .... My hat goes off to David for attempting this feat! (pic is of some Hakurai turnips and Pok Choi that I purchased from SSF)
  • Moutoux Orchards ( has organized a CSA from December to March in which Rob has coordinated with local farmers for a monthly pickup of: 4 dozen eggs, mixed beef, chicken, and lamb assortment, 1 peck apples, 16 lbs vegetables, and unlimited freshly ground whole wheat flower or wheat berries.  I have had two pickups and it is so awesome to see so many people coming to get healthy local food.
This year I am attempting to be abit more local in my eating habits by growing some veggies in my own coldframe.  Thus far it is pretty awesome -- even though Virginia is having one of its coldest and snowiest winters ever! (below is a pic of my newly built coldframe)  So being local in the winter means to me:
  • Not eating as much fruit or a variety of fresh vegetables
  • Enjoying the produce I have preserved which is mostly fruit and tomaotes
  • Enjoying local meat from the cow and hog I purchased in the warm months
  • Figuring out how I can have a root cellar so I can preserve MORE!
So be CREATIVE, ask around, see what others are doing- and you may find that your local food gap is shrinking too!