Sunday, March 7, 2010

Relating Michael Pollan's Food Rules to Being a LOCAVORE

So I typically post articles that relate to local eating, or just talk about my journey as a locavore, but I am going to take a new angle for the next 64 posts!  Michael Pollan, the real food advocate, wrote a book with 64 simple rules on how to eat well.  I am going to post an entry based on each food rule and talk about how eating locally, being a locavore, relates to the food rule.  OK- not sure if this will even work, but here goes!

Pollan talks about how many 'foodlike' items exist on the market today. They all have crazy ingredients that we can't pronounce or know how and where they came from.  They keep for centuries on our shelves and are lucky to receive their own marketing campaigns to help make us 'want them'.  Well gees, this is an easy one!  When you eat food raised/grown/ or prepared locally, you don't have this issue.  Note when I say eat locally -I don't mean visiting McDonald's in your home town -I mean eating food either raised by you, or by people locally.  Typically you can find this food at either farmer's markets or through CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture programs).  I guarantee, that even the 'junk food' at the farmer's markets (a sweet cookie or homemade pie) are definately still real and wonderful food!